Hi, I'm Lexi Miles. I fell in LOVE with writing—head over heels in love—and never stopped falling.

I write 4 flavors of romance: Sweet | Fire | Alarm | Magic




CALIFORNIA is the place that I call home.  I have also spent a lot of time in Vegas, Los Angeles, and Reno.  I must confess, tropical warm spots and out of the way ranches, however, are my favorite escapes. 

CULTIVATION of my writing is attributed to A LOT of reading, all types of genres including my first love of romance, to competitive writing contests while growing up, to studies in written and verbal communication, and to association and mentoring from published authors and editors.  Time as an editor and consultant on a few published novels, and the invaluable tool of LIFE, in general, are also factors in the development of my writing.



PERSONALLY I am a proud pup mom of two Yorkie girls, and every day they make my life brighter.  I love spending time with, my best friend and strongest cheerleader, my sister.  She is one of the most fun, inspiring, and refreshing people I know.  I cherish MY Continuous Everlasting friendships with my friends.  If YOU are reading this right now thank you too for your support because it means EVERYTHING to me.


What I Write

I ONLY WRITE POSITIVE spicy fire-injected stories of red-hot, steamy, erotic encounters and sweet tender romance of love that lasts forever.  And I love it!   LOVE to me is such a richly layered, exciting, sweet, and uniquely beautiful experience.  I enjoy diving into every aspect of it within my novels from the blistering hot sexiness, the honeyed innocence, the nakedness of discovery, and the precious oneness of friendship.  There is just something extraordinary about scribing the words of the freshness and the fun of love.  There is a definite magic in being able to write about the powerful deep bond that forms within a couple as well as the support and strength that manifests from that love.  When any of the words regarding love are taking shape upon the page, there is a rare gift and specialness about writing the good, the hard, the healing, and the brilliance of everything wonderful that LOVE embodies.

BEING IN LOVE is sexy and beautiful.  And I pen that on paper.



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