Vermilion Tears by Tia Lee - Vampire Romance

 A wonderful fresh new world of mystical beings that is well thought out and highly entertaining!  - Lexi Miles, Romance Author

Overall 3 words to describe this novel: Vampires, Wild Ride, Rewarding  

Rating: 5 STARS


Vermilion Tears begins with Lydia and Ruben not being able to deny their feelings and falling madly in love with one another. Soon the couple decides to relocate to New York, and they are introduced to the dangerous paranormal world around them. Lydia is kidnapped and... READ MORE


Behind Palace Walls by Erin Chase - Coming of Age

 A timeless coming of age story that was told honestly. It takes you on an unforgettable journey and is completely relatable!  - Lexi Miles, Romance Author 

Overall 3 words to describe this novel: Coming of Age, Strength, and Forbidden Love 

Rating: 5 STARS 


Behind Palace Walls follows the journey of the young Sheshamun. She is a young girl who gets recruited to the life of the pharaoh’s harem. This change dramatically alters the course her life was on. She must leave her family, friends, and everything she knows. Sheshamun quickly... READ MORE



Daphne by Chloe Quinn - Sensual Romance, Holiday

LOVE this book! - Lexi Miles, Romance Author

Overall 3 words to describe this novel: Super Cute, Small Town Charm, and Delightful  

Rating: 5 STARS


Daphne is let go abruptly from her longtime position as CFO during radical company changes. Shell-shocked, she returns home to her small town for the holidays. As Daphne  decides what  to tell her family, she meets the ever so sexy town transplant Brayden and soon finds out... READ MORE


Inhale Love, Exhale Poetry by Lo-arna Green - Poetry

This is incredible poetry! Sweet Romantic Emotion and Love are alive on every page!  - Lexi Miles, Romance Author

Overall 3 words to describe this book: Bright, Sweet, Intense Love  

Rating: 5 STARS

Poetry Limited Release 

(Copies No Longer Available)


Inhale Love Exhale Poetry is an honest, refreshing, and exciting poetry collection about what it is to be truly in love. I connected to this collection because of its honest, pure, and intense voice in respect to love and matters of the heart. It doesn’t shy away from passion... READ MORE 


Vested In Her by Brickley Jules - Erotic Romance

Deliciously Hot! Sexy, fun, nail-biting, and refreshingly honest read!  - Lexi Miles, Romance Author

Overall 3 words to describe this novel: Exciting, Humorous, and Deliciously Hot 

Rating: 4 STARS


Vested In Her begins with the spunky Haven locked in a life she no longer wants. Although she's the princess of a biker gang her father rules, she has no freedom and plans her escape. She successfully flees to an unknown place leaving all that she knows behind. She quickly lands... READ MORE  


Hot Short Stories by Olga GOA - Romantic Stories

Every story was different! Each had their own hotness!  - Lexi Miles, Romance Author

Overall 3 words to describe this collection: Shocking, Fun, and Intense Hotness  

Rating: 5 STARS


Hot Short Stories is a refreshing collection of one-shots. Each story has an original voice, and no two stories are the same. The stories have a broad-reaching range of contemporary to fantasy. It is loaded with intrigue, forbidden love, hot fantasies, and even... READ MORE 

Most Recent Reviews

Behind the Glass by Kristen Morgen - Forbidden Love

Behind the Glass by Kristen Morgen - Forbidden Love

Behind the Glass by Kristen Morgen - Forbidden Love


Review Date: Oct-30-2019

The forbidden romance everyone needs to have in their lives!–Lexi Miles, Romance Author/Reviewer 


BEHIND  THE GLASS starts with Rebecca going through the motions of life both in  love and romance. She knows what love is supposed to be, witnessing it  firsthand in her friends (the perfect couple), but just cannot make that  happen in her own life. Her current boyfriend wants to take things to  the next level; however, given Rebecca's past, her walls are up and  staying put. Needing a break from it all, her two jobs/current beau,  Rebecca finds herself spending more and more time at her favorite place  to unplug, a local bookstore. One night, she has a chance encounter with  a bewitching artist named Michael and gets her first real taste of what  love could actually be. Will she be the dutiful girlfriend, or will she  embrace the call of her heart?  

Starting Over by Becky Kapjon - Fresh Start

Behind the Glass by Kristen Morgen - Forbidden Love

Behind the Glass by Kristen Morgen - Forbidden Love


Review Date: Oct-31-2019

If you read one inspiring story this year, make it this one!–Lexi Miles, Romance Writer/Reviewer

Summary:  STARTING OVER starts with Cassie's world being turned upside down.  Cassie is a fighter and begins picking up the pieces of her life after a  divorce. Soon after the ink is dry on her papers, she is thrust into  the new world of dating. As she's determining if she's really ready to  put herself out there again she has a few "interesting" encounters;  meanwhile, she is balancing her priorities of being a mom and what  defines her now as a woman with a lot of love left to give to the right  man. Will Cassie dare to take a chance at romance or will she retreat  back to her comfort zone?


Books, Books, Books


Rating: 5 STARS - Strongly written! You feel the emotions of the characters!

Very Excellent Read! Dark as all get out, but still there feels like a silver lining. It is not sugar coated and is realistic as as ever. This is very well written. It is like reading a great episode of Criminal Minds or another well mapped out drama that I will hook you from page one.  It made you see things you might tend to look away from. Intriguing, Dark, and Great Read! Story: Harri has hit a series of devastating incidents. She struggles to pick herself up and find her strength to deal with it all. Will she find a resolution that finally sets things right again for her?

GONE by  Chris (C. Allen)   

Rating: 3 STARS - This one is delightfully naughty with hottness and erotic situations in spades!

There were a few hiccups in the editing, but it did not keep me from enjoying every bit of this extremely naughty and ADULT story! This one is for 18+ for sure! As a romance author, I know a lot. However this one still taught me a few things and made me blush! LOVED It! Story: Serena learns all about a naughty new world she could have never imagined! Will she want out or will she finally find her place?


I have highlighted the books that I strongly recommend above. I do not give 5 STARS on most books. Although some books may not have everything that I am looking for, I will still post if I love something about it. 


1 - I have reviewed them for the 4 C's:

Clean Edits | Creativity | Concept | Clear Passion

2 - I will not post 2 STARS or below.