To my readers

Dear Reader,

 I just wanted to thank you for stopping in. I am delighted that we can take these book journeys together! I would love to have you take a stroll into each story and get beautifully lost within them. I love to write, and so that’s why I do it. And ironically, romance has my heart. Did you see what I did there? (Giggles) Anyway, if you are curious as to what I write, I span the romance spectrum in the 4 flavors from Sweet (TV Romance), Fire (Hot/Steamy), Alarm (Erotic), or Magic (well that one is obvious, Magical/Fantasy/Paranormal).  

Come fall in love as each of the characters do. Peel back your own layers and discover something new about yourself that you might have forgotten or never dared to admit. So go ahead, step into Sela’s shoes and embrace being fearless. Fall out of Jo’s heels and feel the burn of the blush on your cheeks. Remind yourself what you are made of as you immerse yourself into Ryan’s new world of starting over. Tell that boss to shove it and not regret it like Dixie. Just do whatever it is that you’ve always wanted to do as you live as all of these people who have the most beautiful unapologetic strokes of you within them. 

Now, let’s talk about that rugged hot book boyfriend of yours who’s an alpha in all the right ways. Get swept away by Jimmy, the man that can make you feel safe all while being your strongest self (Private Lessons). Or maybe you are more of a Blake lover, a fan of the man who walks on the dangerous side of life and is so lethal that he can back it up (Run). Okay be honest, you probably wouldn’t mind cuddling up in Cliff’s strong cut arms. He’s a billionaire with a big heart and really knows how to spoil you rotten (Assisting Love). That is if he will let his walls down long enough. If it’s a guy of crazy mystery, the sweet guy friend that you always wanted to notice you, a dreamy, sexy man with celebrity star power, the sketchy bad boy your mother warned you about, or perhaps that hot fitness trainer you always wanted to get a little extra sweaty with. What I’m saying is, whatever sexy fellow you desire, I’ve got you covered.  

And oh, it’s okay to be a little naughty as you read some of these. I won’t tell. After all, with romance, it’s kind of the point. So go ahead and treat yourself to any one of these novels. Escape and relax for a little bit. You totally deserve it. It’ll be couple hours of pure heavenly fun.  

Once you have, would you please take a moment to hop on Goodreads and Amazon and drop a warm or glowing review about your favorite moments, smash the thumbs up on the trailer on YouTube, tweet chirp tweet/gram about it, chat about it in the Lexi Rom Readers on Facebook, share it with your book club, subscribe to the newsletter, pin your favorite Book Boards and Recipes on Pinterest, and my personal favorite, drop me a quick hello via email about it. I’d love to giggle with you and hear your feedback. 

Whatever ways you choose, please go get the word out and most importantly enjoy it for you to the fullest. From the bottom of my heart and this warm smile from me to you on my face, as I said, I hope you enjoy reading it! 

Thank you so very much, 

xo Lexi Miles